DFP S-1800

No-weld splicers for pipe piles
DFP S-1800 Splicer for pipe piles is a smooth outside fit TUFLOY ASTM A 148 Grade 90/60 casting that is tapered each way from a heavy center ledge to create a tight drive fit that does not require any welding. The splicer is slipped on the driven piles while the next length is picked up, speeding production. This also eases pile alignment in both vertical and batter piles. If welding is required the splicer can be supplied without a taper, then slipped on and welded in advance. Driving is then done on the splicer. The S-1800 also cuts costs and speeds installation by eliminating delays caused by butt welding pipe piles.

DFP P-77

Strong point closure for pipe piles
DFP's P-77 is a extremely high strength point in a non ribbed configuration that flush fits to the end of the pile for easy attachment, by using a simple groove weld around the top of the point. The P-77's TUFLOY ASTM A 148 Grade 90/60 composition makes it a very strong casting for practically any soil condition you may encounter. The P-77's smooth 60  cone and flush configuration make it an ideal point for pipe piles. For closed end pipe, a conical point is the preferred closure. It drives straight; it molds and pushes the earth aside so friction is maintained; and in many soils it drives faster and develops friction resistance at less depth. The P-77 is designed for fast, easy attachment to the pre beveled pipe. The P-77 has a heavy bottom that can take hard driving, plus the side walls are thickened for extra added strength. This in conjunction with the TUFLOY ASTM A 148 Grade 90/60 low allow steel makes the P-77 an extremely strong driving point.

DFP O-140

Protection for open end pipe piles
DFP O-140 Cutting Shoes for open end pipe bring the strength of TUFLOY ASTM A 148 Grade 90/60 cast steel to protection of pipe with the assurance of dependability. DFP's cutting shoes are outside flanged to keep the interior clear to remove all obstructions and cut a socket. The O-140 cast steel shoe is designed with a ledge for driving rather than depending on welds in shear to maintain contact with the pipe. DFP can supply TUFLOY ASTM A 148 Grade 90/60 cast steel cutting shoes up to 36 inches in diameter. For larger diameter pipe, DFP can also supply high strength rolled and welded rings. They can be made to fit over the pipe or the preferred method is to make heavy rings that would butt weld to the end of the pipe.

DFP Chill Rings

Precision engineered, easiest fit-up ever
DFP weld rings with spacers (also known as chill rings) enable the ring to be automatically centered in the joint without tacking the ring to the pipe ID., thereby allowing consistent time saving in positive fit-up and aligning pipe. The diameter of the spacers provides the correct root gap required for complete weld penetration. The chill ring works like a backing bar in groove welding and becomes a part of the welded joint. DFP offers many styles of spacers, please inquire when ordering. Be sure to mention wall thickness, as rings are made to order.

DFP Pile Covers

High quality, reusable, easy fit-up and removal
DFP now makes stamped steel pipe pile safety covers.  DFP pile covers when properly secured provide the driven piles on your job site with a protection level not provided by other types of covers. DFP covers are easy for a workmen to install onto the piles and easier to remove (because of the flared rim on the bottom).  They also keep out debris and will prevents costly accidents.  They are normally supplied unpainted, but can be painted on request (and additional cost).  Be sure to mention the pipe diameter when you call.

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