Uplift Connection For Steel Pipe Piles

Uplift connection for pipe
An addition to a facility owned by Schering Plough Company in Union, New Jersey was designed utilizing three different diameters of pipe piles. These were 8 5/8", 10 3/4" and 12 3/4".

The drawings showed a detail for a plate cap on the top of each pile, larger than the pipe. This was to be welded from the underside. Steel rods were to be attached to the plate for anchoring to the pile cap.

Since the pile cut off elevation was at the soil line, this would be extremely difficult position to do an overhead weld.

Jack Dougherty from DFP offered an alternate solution to the contractor. This consisted of a square plate with a cut out to fit over the pipe. In addition, four holes were made, one in each corner. Four 7/8" round bars bent 90 degrees and threaded on one end, were placed in the holes with a nut top and bottom. This design allowed the plate to be placed over the pile and the weld could easily be done from the top side of the plate.

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