A Patented Innovation Used By Underpinning & Foundation

7 5/8" pipe for pile core
In an apartment complex at an ocean front site in Westhampton, NY, Underpinning & Foundation of Maspeth NY, installed TPT Piles with a slight twist. The piles were to extend one story out of the ground to become columns to support the structure. This made accurate placement of the piles essential.

TPT tips upside down for storage
Typically TPT Piles use a large tapered concrete base that is fitted with a corrugated shell, and is mandrel driven into the soil. In this case a 14 inch steel pipe was used instead of the shell.

Another unusual item was that a 7 5/8" x .375 wall pipe core was inserted in the upper portion of the pile to increase the bending strength of the piles. The piles extended to the top of the first floor so accuracy was critical.

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