Advertising Rates and Information

Pileline Online offers either banner ads or display ads.

Below are samples of each size and type.

Banner ad size - 468 x 60 - $10 a month - NO LINKS

Size A display ad - 300 x 400 - $55 a month

Size B display ad - 300 x 300 - $45 a month

Ads can be scanned in at no extra charge, provided they fit one of our display or banner ad formats. Please be aware that small fonts, once scanned, are usually unreadable.

An ad can be supplied to us camera ready in the size choice you desire.

Pileline can make your ad from information supplied by you.  In this case a faxed/emailed copy will be sent to you for your approval.

Pileline takes no responsibilities for errors or omissions from any ad supplied by an advertiser or your agent. Further, Pileline Publishing takes no responsibility for errors or omissions in any ad made by us and approved by the advertiser.

Size C display ad - 200 x 400 - $35 a month

Size D display ad - 200 x 200 - $20 a month

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