The Camlock pile cover
The Camlock pile coverUnderpinning & Foundation Corp. of Maspeth, N.Y. was looking for a cover for 18" Monotube piles and the new TAPERTUBE (Patent Pending) piles.  The requirements were that the cover must prevent persons who may step on the pile from falling into the pile.  It must protect the pile from easy access from vandals.  The cover must prevent entry of debris and water. It also must be easy and fast to install and remove, while not easily removed by persons other than the construction crew.  The cover must also fit the fluted pile and the TAPERTUBE pile without modification.

Camlock on piles at JFK Light Rail Project
Camlock cover on piles at JFK Light Rail ProjectJack Dougherty of DFP Sales took the challenge and came up with the CAMLOCK safety cover.  The cover is placed over the top of the pile and a wrench is used to turn a cam about one half turn and this locks the plate to the pile.  Removal is accomplished by simply reversing the procedure.

DFP Sales has produced about 700 covers for several projects underway at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City.

Contact DFP Sales for further information.  201-337-5748 or FAX 201-337-9022.

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