Tapertube Piles -  - Patent Pending

New tapered pile is taking the industry by storm!

Tapertube being positioned into pile leads.

Tapertube being driven to splicing level.

Tapertube being positioned into pile leadsTapertube being driven to splicing level» TAPERTUBE is a most versatile pile. Top and bottom dimensions, as well as length of taper and metal thickness (up to .500 wall) can be produced to suit soil and load requirements. Diameters over 24 are possible.

» TAPERTUBE is designed for load capacities up to 200 tons and even more.

» TAPERTUBE is manufactured using 50-ksi yield steel. We do not depend on the cold working of the steel to produce the necessary strength required.

» TAPERTUBE can support greater loads in weaker soils because of our greater variations in size and tapers.

» TAPERTUBE is especially convenient when long piles are required. A 25 bottom section can easily be matched, on the job, with a 50 top section to produce a 75 pile and no over length trucks or permits are required.

» TAPERTUBE extensions of steel pipe make field splicing fast and dependable using drive fit splices, weld fit splices or butt-welding. There is never a need for special tools, slitting and bending of the pile, and you never have to rely on a fillet weld working in shear as you do with other systems.

Pipe being spliced to driven section of Tapertube.
Pipe being spliced to driven section of Tapertube 

Pipe is welded to driven section of Tapertube to extend length.

Pipe is welded to driven section of Tapertube to extend length» TAPERTUBE may also be extended using light gauge material by using a mandrel to drive the tapered section and carrying the upper material down at the same time.

» TAPERTUBE can be matched to smaller diameter extensions to suit load conditions or to reduce the effects of downdrag. A large diameter tip can be used to take advantage of weaker soils while retaining a smaller diameter upper portion of the pile.  For instance, a pile using an 8 tip 25 long and tapering up to 18 could be extended with a 14 top.

» TAPERTUBE factory installed drive points are made with tough low alloy steel.

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